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Wireless Fingerprint Immobilizer
wireless car immobilizer
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Product Name : Wireless Fingerprint Immobilizer

Item No. : Wireless Fingerprint Immobilizer


  • Capacitive fingerprint sensor
    Scanning speed: 0.1 second
    Image resolution: 236 x 192 pixels, 508 dpi
    Sensor area: 11.8 x 9.6mm
    Gray level: 8 bits/pixel, max. 256 gray scales
    Operating temp: -5°c~50°c
    Operating humidity: 0~80%
    False rejection rate: 1/1000
    False acceptance rate: 1/100K
    ESD: >15 KV
  • Can learn 6 fingerprints.
  • Matching speed is less than 1 second.
  • Wireless transmitting codes, no cable to trace, higher security.
  • Comes with wireless immobilizer relay for starter disable, no wire to trace, concealed and security.
  • Plug in lighter socket for power, no wiring installation.
  • Angle adjustable fingerprint template.
  • Valet mode.
  • PIN code override and programmable PIN code.
  • Fingerprint delete available except master fingerprint.
  • Option spare remote transmitter available.

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