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Product Name : Anti-Lost

Item No. : AL-10


  • Separated warning:
    The tag and Smartphone will be sounding 60 seconds if the paired tag and Smartphone be separated more than the preset range.

  • The separated detection range can be set to near (about 3 meters), middle (about 6 meters) and far (about 9 meters) 3 ranges.

  • Smartphone can learn maxim. 3 tags.

  • Different tag naming.

  • Tag low battery warning.

  • Free iPhone and Android OS App.

  • Tag specification:
    Size: 45 x 25 x 5mm
    Battery: 2032 x 1.3V
    Scan current: 500µA
    Connecting current (initial 5 seconds): 200µA
    Connected current: 40µA
    Alert current: 20mA

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