2-Way Remote Starter

LCD Display 2-Way Alarm (with GSM smartphone dataport)
LCD Display 2-Way Alarm (with GSM smartphone dataport)
LCD Display 2-Way Alarm (with GSM smartphone dataport)

Product Name : LCD Display 2-Way Alarm (with GSM smartphone dataport)

Item No. : 5500-267


  • 2-way LCD display handset with multi-channel pager.
  • Pager range up to 1000 meters ( 3300 feets ).
  • LCD icons display: RF icons, RX save mode, lock, unlock, silent arm/disarm, light or heavy shocking, sensor bypass setting, shock bypass on, time & message, temperature & message, alarm clock timer, count down timer, HHU low battery, handbrake icon, car call, valet mode On, engine running, auto arm On, trunk open, CH2 output, CH3 output, check car status, valet mode, arm/disarm soft chirp setting, arm/disarm long chirp setting, silent arm/disarm setting, car finder, panic, anti-hijack.
  • Including 1-PC 2-way transmitter & 1-PC 1-way transmitter.
  • External 2-way transceiver antenna with car call button.
  • Comes with GSM smartphone port can work with SM200 smartphone tracking & security system to can be remote controlled by smartphone too.
  • Code-hopping, anti-grabber, anti-scanner.
  • Code-learning & lost transmitter code erase.
  • Door, hood, trunk & ignition trigger inputs.
  • Negative & positive door trigger inputs.
  • Defect zone warning and bypass.
  • 2-stage 4-pin shock sensor.
  • 2-sensor inputs.
  • Remote shock sensor bypass.
  • Spare 3-pin ultrasonic sensor input.
  • Chirp and silent arm/disarm.
  • Loud or soft or silent arm/disarm setting.
  • Auto rearm/relock.
  • Auto arm/lock (passive arm/lock) after closed last door.
  • Ignition On lock/ignition Off unlock.
  • Dome light output.
  • Parking light flash while door open.
  • Car locating.
  • Panic.
  • Remote or switch controlled anti-carjack On/Off.
  • Remote valet On/Off.
  • Keep engine running.
  • Automatic immobilizer setting.
  • Remote trunk release.
  • Remote active channel 2 with light flash for 10 minutes.
  • Remote active channel 3.
  • Remote temperature/status check.
  • Car call.
  • PIN code override.
  • New PIN code programmable.
  • Status LED.
  • Power save mode.
  • Valet switch for function and valet mode setting.

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