Car Immobilizers


Product Name : Anti-Carjacking

Item No. : Active Guard


  • Discrete Keypad
  • Enter PIN code to deactivate the system.
  • New PIN code programmable
  • Valet Mode
  • Auto-immobilization Mode

A unique anti-carjacking system that puts personal safety first, to ensure that the car owners can recover the vehicle by themselves. When the system is in Armed Mode the car thief approaches - whether at a stop light or in a parking lot then the driver immediately turn over the keys and Active Guard will take over automatically (no buttons or transmitters is necessary for Active Guard to enter into anti-carjacking mode). Just get away from the vehicle Active Guard allows the criminal to drive away to a safe distance. Then, a few seconds later, Active Guard blares the siren and flashes the lights to alert other drivers and witnesses. It then pulses down the ignition system to safely force the vehicle to slow to a complete stop. Siren blaring and lights flashing, unable to restart the engine, the carjacker has no choice but to run away without the vehicle.

With the vehicle immobilized a short distance away, the owner can recover it. Just follow the sound of the Active Guard siren, then enter the PIN code.
The only way to turn-off Active Guard is with a user-selectable PIN code. If the carjacker tries guessing codes at random, Active Guard actively ignores his code entries.

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