Car Immobilizers


Product Name : Anti-Theft

Item No. : 4Guard


We are one of the main producers of Car Alarm in Taiwan, specializing in Anti-Theft,Anti-Lost and Car Central Locking System.

  • Illuminated Keypad
  • Enter PIN code to deactivate the system
  • New PIN code programmable
  • Starter and ignition cut off sequence
  • Panic Mode
  • Valet Mode

The 4Guard –KP5 Starter Kill is designed to be used as either a stand-alone passive/active starter kill. The 4Guard features an illuminated dash-mounted keypad, code-protected emergency override, and Valet code protection.

When used as a stand-alone starter kill, the 4Guard prevents the starter from cranking whenever the system is armed. You can control the 4Guard functions from the dash-mounted keypad. Simply enter coded key sequences to control the starter kill functions.

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