Smartphone interface GPS Tracker

Smartphone Bluetooth Remote Control

Product Name : Smartphone Bluetooth Remote Control

Item No. : SB200


We are one of the main producers of Remote Control in Taiwan, specializing in Car Alarm, Smartphone Portable Tracker and Interface GPS Tracker.

  • Comes with RS 232 data port, can set to GSM Smartphone mode to work with SM200/SM200GPRS Smartphone tracking & security systems, or work with 1-way or 2-way alarm/starter has GSM data port.
  • Data port also can be set to CAN bus mode to work with CAN bus or OBD-II interface module to link with car CAN bus.
  • Can work with VH-730 engine start kit to remote start the car.
  • Can work with UG200D upgrade alarm by using O.E. remote transmitter.
  • Can work with 1-way or 2-way alarm through the RF input & output ports.
  • Can work with O.E. or aftermarket any brand alarms.
  • Can work with O.E. or aftermarket any brand keyless entry systems.
  • Smartphone Bluetooth real time arm/disarm/panic/engine start/engine stop/trunk open/status check/alarm trigger as remote transmitter within Bluetooth range.
  • Graphic icons status display, easy read and operate.
  • Max.3 phones remote control a car at different time.
  • Max.3 cars operation by a phone.
  • Safety login code for smartphone and password for control module.
  • Can add a name for each car unit.
  • Available for iPhone and Android Smartphones.

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