Keyless Entry

BlueTooth proximity

Product Name : BlueTooth proximity

Item No. : BT10


We are professional manufacturer of Bluetooth Control in Taiwan, providing Smartphone Remote Control and Remote Security Alarms with superior quality.

  • Automatic disarm/unlock when carry the cellphone (with BlueTooth switch On) approaching the unit, or arm/lock after left.
  • Transmit the arm/lock & disarm/unlock code by radio. Welcome offer arm/disarm code to can work your present systems.
  • “─” lock & unlock outputs available.
  • Pulse or constant lock/unlock output selection.
  • “─” arm or “─” disarm output selection.
  • Approaching the unit (car) enable start the car, and disable start the car after left.
  • Cellphone BlueTooth learning.
  • Only one learned cellphone with BlueTooth switch On can work at same time.
  • Status LED & valet switch included.
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