Car Alarm

Arm/Disarm Memory Remote Security Alarm

Product Name : Arm/Disarm Memory Remote Security Alarm

Item No. : 574MV-TX139


We have rich experience in manufacturing Remote Security Alarm, Memory Remote Security Alar, Car Alarm and Security Alarm.

  • Comes with 2-pc 5-button patented last arm/disarm status memory remote transmitter.
  • Remote transmitter LED will flash once if last time was arm or flash 2 times if last time was disarm when press 5th button check status.
  • Let user relax if was arm after press 5th button check, or must go back to car immediately to arm the car if was disarm after check. Simulation 2-way status display function at 1-way cost.
  • Code hopping, anti-grabber, anti-scanner.
  • Code learning and erase lost transmitter codes.
  • Compact and small size main unit design, easy hidden.
  • Positive and negative door trigger inputs.
  • Ignition trigger input.
  • Build-in 2 stage shock sensor.
  • Remote delete small or and big shocking.
  • Negative lock/Unlock outputs.
  • Negative trunk release/dome light/window close outputs.
  • Positive 12V siren trigger output.
  • Chirp and light flash when arm/disarm.
  • Mute arm/disarm.
  • One time mute arm/disarm.
  • Ignition lock/unlock selection.
  • Car locating.
  • Auto rearm and relock selection.
  • Passive arm selection.
  • Passive lock with passive arm selection.
  • 0.5/4 seconds lock timing selection.
  • 30/15 seconds window close timing selection.
  • Anti-hijack.
  • Status LED.
  • Valet switch.
  • Valet mode.
  • Valet switch override
  • O.E. custom design functions are also welcome.
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