2-Way Car Alarm

2-way Remote Alarm with GSM Smartphone and CANBUS 2 dataports

Product Name : 2-way Remote Alarm with GSM Smartphone and CANBUS 2 dataports

Item No. : 2210NR-259NR


■ 2210NR
  • 2-way LCD display handset with multi-channel pager
  • Pager range up to 1000 meters (3300 feets) in open area
  • LCD icons display: TX/RX mode, disarm/unlock, arm/lock, mute arm/disarm, anti-hijack, valet mode, light or heavy shocking, hood/trunk, door, ignition & brake triggers, vibration or melody alert, melody select, low batter, car call…
  • Including 1-pc 2-way transmitter & 1-pc 1-way transmitterExternal 2-way transceiver antenna
  • External 2-way transceiver antenna
■ 1110NR
  • Including 2-pc 1-way transmitter
  • External 1-way RF receiver

■ Other Functions:

  • Comes with GSM Smartphone port can work with SM200 Smartphone tracking & security system to can be remote controlled by Smartphone too, also comes with CANBUS port can work with CANBUS interface module to link to car CANBUS
  • Code-hopping, anti-grabber, anti-scanner
  • Code-learning & lost transmitter code erase
  • Door, hood/trunk & ignition trigger inputs
  • Negative & positive door trigger inputs
  • 2-stage shock sensor
  • 2-sensor inputs
  • Arm with sensor bypass
  • Mute arm/disarm
  • Refresh icons status
  • Status check
  • Car locating
  • Panic
  • Anti-hijack
  • Manual arm/disarm without transmitter
  • Valet mode
  • Override by valet switch or PIN code
  • New PIN code programmable
  • False trigger mode
  • Siren stop
  • External starter disable relay
  • Build-in door lock relays for door lock universal interface
  • Build-in relay for light flash indication
  • Programmable CH1/2/3 outputs
  • Valet switch & status LED included
  • Programmable central lock timing, 2 pulse unlock, chirp on/off, ignition lock/unlock & footbrake lock, passive arm/lock, auto rearm on/off, siren/horn output, dome light delay, sensor delay, anti-hijack on/off, factory setting…
  • (Customer required functions developing are also welcome)

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