Car Immobilizers

Long range transponder immobilizer

Product Name : Long range transponder immobilizer

Item No. : 751-AT-LN/761-AT-LN


Key Specifications/Special Features:

  • Hi-tech wireless cut-off relay

  • System integrity is secure even when control module is tampered with

  • Extra wireless relays available

  • Long reading range: 

    100cm to 170cm for active tags 

    50cm to 70cm for cards 

  • Anti-hijack

  • Mini size pocket type active tag and card for easy carry without linking to car keys

  • Automatic disarming while entering into car

  • 30-second passive arming

  • Anti-hijacking function allows engine disable delay when ignition is on but car unattended

  • Long-lasting battery for active tag

  • Master-tag type

    • One master and one user tag/card

    • Self-learning controlled by red master tag/card

    • Can learn up to four user tags/cards

  • PIN type

    • Two user tags or cards

    • Self-learning controlled by PIN

    • Can learn up to five user tags

    • Emergency override

    • New PIN programmable

    • Lost/stolen tag/card programming out facility

  • 264 code variants

  • 60-second tag/card search

  • Status LED

  • Black Wire Harness

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