Smartphone interface GPS Tracker

Smartphone Remote Control & GPS Tracker
Smartphone interface GPS Tracking device
Smartphone interface GPS Tracking devices

Product Name : Smartphone Remote Control & GPS Tracker

Item No. : SM200


Our company is a reliable manufacturer of Smartphone interface GPS tracker in Taiwan, specializing in GPS tracker for many years.

GPS/GSM System with RS232 dataport
  • Comes with RS232 dataport, can set to GSM Smartphone mode to work with 1-way or 2-way alarm/starter (model 1110NR/2210NR, 1120RS/2220RS, 1130SK/2230SK, 2260RS... ) has GSM dataport for remote control by Smartphone.
  • Dataport also can be set to CANbus mode to work with CANbus interface module to link with car CANbus.
  • Can work with UG200D upgrade alarm by using O.E. remote transmitter.
  • Can work with O.E. or aftermarket alarms.
  • Worldwide locate the car, show where is the vehicle by Google map on the phone.
  • Worldwide arm/lock, disarm/unlock, trigger alert, status check, engine safety cut, engine start/stop.
  • Calling or SMS confirm selection.
  • Can continous 3-point locate and show the direction.
  • Can locate userself position.
  • Will send trigger alert to max. 3 phones.
  • SOS button and alert.
  • Build-in rechargeable battery, power disconnect alert.
  • Max. 3 phones remote control a car.
  • Max. 3 cars operation by a phone
  • Safety login code for Smartphone and password for control module.
  • Time zone setting.
  • Can add a name for each car unit.
  • Extra functions available: geo fence, over speed warning, park car/find car, parking time count down and warning, black box (driving recording)...
  • No tracking server required, no monthly service expense except the SIM card.
  • GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHZ frequency.
  • Build-in tri-axial aceleration sensor, power save design.
  • Available for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Mobile...etc. Smartphone.
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    Smartphone Remote Control & GPS Tracker